A fundraising telethon in aid of Inspire will be broadcasted on all national television stations on Sunday 30th October.

Packed with information clips, real life success stories, features, entertainment and lots of surprises, the telethon aims to raise funds and awareness about disability, and Inspire’s programmes.

The broadcast will start at noon and will continue for twelve hours until midnight. It will be transmitted on TVM2, NET TV, ONE TV, Fliving and Xejk.

The band The Travellers has joined forces with The Inspire Foundation to help promote a message of compassion and empathy through their popular song Semplicita’.

SMS donation numbers are already open and people can show their support by sending a donation on 5061 7359 (€2.33); 5061 8080 (€4.66); 5061 8926 (€6.99); or 5061 9215 (€11.65).